KATIE SOX | photographer

Down to earth yet driven toward professional accomplishment, Katie can be described as a passionate artist with an eye for detail and candid moments. She is crazy about bikes, especially MTB and Gravel Touring and has a natural tendency toward hard work. While she is a spastic creative-type, she also has a business-savvy attitude and is rooted in the philosophy of self-motivation and a belief that we're all capable of reaching personal and business goals through persistence and dedication. This is why she loves to work with Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses creating visual content tailored to their brand and specific needs. 

Whether she is shooting a Ladies AllRide Mountain Bike Skills Camp, Family Portraits, Business Head Shots, Products, Events, on assignment for a Publisher, or photographing amazing Architecture or homes for Realtors -- Katie takes great pride in her work and is diversified in her ability to create many styles of images. She enjoys every genre of photography including Macro Nature and Landscape as well as creating Time Lapses and mixed media art. She believes in the work she does and lights up at the prospect of new endeavors and creative collaboration with folks from all walks of life. Every moment has a story. Let's capture it. Let's create.